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Cigarbecue 2021

Against all odds, Cigar Dojo hosted our milestone 10th annual Cigarbecue event in 2020 (honestly, we’re not sure what these odds were, but it sounds dramatic and profound).

This means that we’re kicking off the next 10 years with the 2021 event—the 11th Cigarbecue!

This is the one day of the year (okay, one of the days) we invite you to fire up your grill, put some cold beer on ice, and have a full lineup of tasty cigars/meat to smoke. Cigarbecue is the longest running Dojo event that happens every spring without fail. How do you participate, you ask? Simply arrange your own BBQ setup and have your Dojoverse app handy. Share all the delicious food you are cooking up, drinks you are consuming, and of course, the cigars you are are smoking. It’s a virtual world-wide BBQ party.

Cigarbecue is your all-encompassing “get out of jail free” card. It’s YOUR day to relax and enjoy fellowship along with the rest of Dojonation.

Grand Prize Winner
Drew Estate has pulled out the BIG GUNS, offering up this custom-painted Pappy Van Winkle YETI cigar coolidor! Yes, this thing is as legit as it looks…

June 5, 2021

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